Order On Video

Order on Video

Meet thousands of suppliers in Yiwu on Video

The Benefits of Ordering on Video

Due to Covid-19 virus, it is hard to travel to China for importers as they used to do. Thanks for the internet technology, it is unnecessary for the importers to fly over the oceans to China to meet their suppliers. They can meet with their suppliers on video and place orders.

The benefits:

  • Save travelling costs
  • More efficient and save time
  • Meet with multiple suppliers on video at the same time

How to Order on Video

  • Choose Suppliers

You can check our website live.chinasku.com first to find the suppliers you want to meet, then contact our sales to arrange the meeting for you.

  • Download Video Meeting Software

You should have WeChat or zoom on your mobile phone or computer, if you need any help downloading them, please contact us.

  • Translation Service

If you need translator for the video meeting, please book the service in advance. We can offer English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian translation.

  • Shipment and Payment Services

When you place orders, we can arrange the shipment and payment for you.

How Customers Feel about Ordering on Video

“I am very happy with this service, and it seems that I am in China myself”



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